Friday, December 14, 2007

The Opium Wars

During the 1800 hundreds trade between China and Britain grew, but mostly on the Chinese side. The British payed large amounts of money for tea from China while China bought nothing from the British. That was until the introduction of Opium to China. Opium was a power downer drug made from the poppy seed that had an adverse affect on many of China's citizens. The Chinese decided they wanted no part in this destructive drug and banned sale and use of opium in China punishable by death. Britain didn't take to kindly to this and after awhile they decided to take action. In 1839 England attacked China's coastal cities with a fleet of ships and the Opium wars began. Britain being more technologically advance then China was able to defeat them easily in 1842 and made them sign a treaty legalizing opium in China.


DDRMidgetID said...

lol political cartoons are always the best! love these

PlantPictures265 said...

Interesting. Though I wonder what the state of affairs will be in 20 years.

Brandon B. said...

Cool blog idea and great post. You should look up stuff about the boxer rebellion. It as a pretty interesting event tied in with the opium wars.